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Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

The Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived! Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day friends. Today is the day that we enjoy the FIRST wine of the 2011 harvest.

Beaujolais Nouveau is a tradition that makes use of the Gamay grapes grown in Beaujolais. This wine is fruit forward as the grapes have barely begun to process themselves before being opened and enjoyed.

We have a few local events around Vegas for you to get your Beaujolais fix. The one place you would expect Beaujolais Nouveau to be a BIG DEAL is The Paris Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard and you would be correct. Mon Ami Gabi, the French cafe on les sidewalk of Les Strip, has a Beaujolais inspired menu to enjoy and pair with the Nouveau until Wednesday.

Also Khoury’s Fine Wine near Eastern and St. Rose will be popping a bottle and selling a few more this evening until they’re gone. Go and grab a bottle or two to pop on Thanksgiving but don’t sit on it too long, Beaujolais Nouveau should be enjoyed within the next year. It breaks down as fast as it was made!


New Beers – October isn’t over yet!

Here at Southern Wine & Spirits we know that October is all about ONE THING. BEER! And so we bring you this list of new beers to the market. Some are new… new to the area, new to the Country or simply new to your lips. Some are seasonal and some may stick around. Take a look next time you’re out and treat your tastebuds to something better.

Humming Ale the newest Seasonal beer from Anchor Brewing is now available in Vegas! Anchor Humming Ale Kegs 13.2gal (286199)

To commemorate an important milestone in Anchor Brewing’s long history, a special ale seemed appropriate. Having found and experimented with a very rare and unusual hop variety called Nelson Sauvin, we knew that its unique character would impart a wonderful flavor and aroma to a pale ale brewed especially for the occasion: Humming Ale.

Clear golden orange appearance with a creamy, white head. Toasty, nutty malts, grapefruit, organic hoppy nose. Grapefruity, slightly resiny, organic hoppy, toasty malty flavor with some grass notes. Very nice, enjoyable brew.

Brekle's Brown hits the Vegas streets... HARD! Anchor Brekles Brown Ale Kegs 13.2gal (308440)

This beer was brewed to celebrate 140 years of brewing history in San Francisco and as homage to Gottlieb Brekle, the owner and brew master of the brewery he purchased in 1871, which became Anchor Brewery, in 1896. Brekles Brown to be richly-flavored, smooth ale.  The complex flavors, derived from the blend of the malts make it seem like you get something new to taste with each sip.  As the beer warms different layers reveal themselves. Very drinkable, it’s as clean, nuanced and balanced as anything Anchor does but with a noteworthy flavor twist from the Citra hops, one of the newest hops in commercial cultivation. Brekles Brown shows off a combination of a lemon-pie aroma from the Citra hops and a rich toasted and caramel-like flavor from the crystal and Munich malts, all in a smooth, dry beverage.

Check what Sierra Nevada Harvest-ed! :)Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest 24oz/12pk (179747) 15.5g Kegs (78964)

The cornerstone of our Harvest series is the beer that started the modern-day fresh hop ale phenomenon in America, our original Harvest Ale. Created in 1996, Harvest Ale features Cascade and Centennial hops from the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington. These hops are harvested and shipped as “wet” un-dried hops—the same day they are picked—to our brewery in Chico where our brewers eagerly wait to get them into the brew kettle while their oils and resins are still at their peak.

Alcohol content 6.7% by volume

Ayinger Weizen-Bock 500ml/20pk (254527)

The Weizen-bock style is relatively uncommon, even in Bavaria: they are wheat ales (weissebeer or weizen beer) that are brewed to be as strong as a bock – with corresponding fuller body, and enhanced flavors. They can be pale (“helles”) or dark (“dunkles”), but Ayinger Weizen Bock is pale in color. A Classic Bavarian weisse beer, aroma suggesting spice and cloves; smooth body from wheat and from decoction mashing; extravagant, pinpoint conditioning. The flavor offers the essence of the wheat harvest, fresh-baked bread, maybe even – somehow – the sunshine of a fall afternoon. The finish is tropical fruit, cloves and banana.

Anchor Christmas Ale 

Every year since 1975 the brewers of Anchor Steam® Beer have brewed a distinctive and unique Christmas Ale, which is available from early November to mid-January. The Ale’s recipe is different every year—as is the tree on the label—but the intent with which we offer it remains the same: joy and celebration of the newness of life. Since ancient times, trees have symbolized the winter solstice when the earth, with its seasons, appears born anew. Our tree for 2011 is the bristlecone pine. Found high atop California’s White Mountains, bristlecones are among the oldest living things on the planet. Some date back nearly 5,000 years, to the dawn of the ancient art of brewing.

Each year our Christmas Ale gets a unique label and a unique recipe for the Ale itself. Although our recipes must remain a secret, many enthusiasts save a few bottles from year to year—stored in a cool dark place—to taste later and compare with other vintages. Properly refrigerated, the beer remains intriguing and drinkable for years, with different nuances slowly emerging as the flavor mellows slightly.

Lindemans Cuvee Rene 12oz/12pk (175434)

An ancient beer style, Gueuze, or Geuze, (pronounced “GOO-za”) is wild-fermented wheat beer that is made with only aged hops, and those in small quantities. Because gueuze is fermented by multiple strains of yeast, acting over an extended period, it is a testimony & tribute to the yeast strains of the Senne River Valley.

The brewers blend aged lambic and younger lambic, to taste, and refermentation occurs in the bottle after capping. It is highly coveted by gourmands in Belgium and in the US who lay it in their cellars, sometimes for years. Lindemans Cuvée René is authentic “Oude Geuze,” every batch blended by hand. (Note – the French spelling is gueuze and the Dutch spelling is geuze.)

With a Glowing golden color, cidery, winey palate; reminiscent, perhaps, of bubbly dry vermouth but with a more complex and natural flavor. It’s very dry, appetizing and energizing, but some tasters do find gueuze to be demanding the first time they taste it. 


Gayant/Saint Landelin Speciale Noel 750ml 6pk (285003) 


Saint Landelin Spéciale Noël pours a dark amber color along with a great large number of small bubbles and an eggshell-to-cream white toned crown, slowly diminishing and leaving a great amount of lacing after several minutes. A sour apricot tone, fresh hops, some toffee, an undertone of butter. Generally, this one is relatively mild in all of its scents. None of them really do stand out.

Sweet, citric touch, some peach-to-pineapple burnt under somewhat metallic-bitter notes covered by a gentle butterscotch shroud. Once again mellow, yet qualitative. The feel is Creamy, round towards the palate, medium high in carbonation.

Surprisingly easy to drink down, decently resounding in respective sensory-compartments, which overall gives it a higher grade of likeability.

ABV- 6.80%

Style- Belgian Dark Ale

Rogue Spirits now available at SWS – Nevada

Look at what Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada has now. Rogue Spirits!!

Established in 2003, Rogue Spirits creates award winning multi-ingredient small batch spirits, artisan distilled in traditional hand-crafted copper pot stills. No chemicals, additives or preservatives are used.

Rogue “Dead Guy” Whiskey

80 proof             item# 299422

  • A delicately sweet whiskey with rich malt complexity, opens up to a warm peppery finish.  Made with the same four grains that are used to make Dead Guy ale.

Available in 12/750ml bottles.



Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum

80 proof         item# 299423

Toasted Hazelnut flavor with orange overtones and rich vanilla scents mingled with cinnamon and clove.  Made from toasted Oregon Hazelnuts, Orange peel, Madagascar bourbon Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Clove.

Available in 12/750ml bottles.

Rogue “Single Malt” Whiskey

80proof         item#    299421

This Oregon Single Malt whiskey is made using Risktm malt grown on Rogue’s Micro Barley Farm in the Tygh Valley Appellation.

Available in 12/750ml bottles.



Rogue “Spruce Pink” Gin 

90 proof         item#    299419

Ocean aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels resulting in a slightly fruity, mellow and definitely Pink Gin that could only come from Oregon.

Available in 12/750ml bottles.



Rogue “Spruce” Gin

90 proof       item#    299420

The Spruce is a competent gin. It’s not quite Hendrick’s-level, but it’s pretty damn tasty. Lemon and orange peel make for a pleasant citrus tang, while tangerine adds a hint of sweetness. Both complement the strong juniper bite, and the Rusty Bucket’s Spruce Gimlet captured all those flavors nicely.

Available in 12/750ml bottles.

Liquid Trends June 2011


lt cov


ltIrish Whiskey Regains its Title

And It’s Redbreast To The Rescue

lt A Night at the Beach
Malibu Black Takes You Into The Night

lt A Major Composition

Chopin Rye is the Next Opus in the Brand’s

Single-Ingredient Vodka Collection

lt The Ascension of an Aperitivo

Aperol Continues To Be The Darling Of The Mix Set

lt The Deutsch Effect

On The Company’s 30th Anniversary, Bill Deutsch Hasn’t Lost His Touch

lt The House in the Woods

The Tasting Panel Visits Maurizio Zanella At Ca’ Del Bosco

lt A Home on Red Mountain

The Mountain Comes To Us When We Meet With Col Solare Winemaker Marcus Notaro

lt Tuscan Icon Ruffino Zooms into Prosecco


Irish Whiskey Regains its Title


According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), sales of Irish whiskey in 2010 increased by 22 percent. So mixologists, bar managers and others looking to stir new excitement into their drinks menu with a long-neglected category poised for growth, take note: The Redbreast is coming! The Redbreast is coming! (read more)

cruzan This unique cast iron water wheel at the Old Midleton Distillery was built in 1852 and was used to power the stirring rake inside the mash tuns. The wheel is still turning, although in 1975 whiskey production moved to the New Midleton Distillery, literally right next door.
86276 Red Breast, Irish Whiskey 6/750mL $227.00/case $41.03/btl
298674 Red Breast, 15 Year, Irish Whiskey 6/750mL $300.00/case $53.20/btl

A Night at the Beach


Shellback Tavern, overlooking the thundering waves and sandy shores of Southern California’s famed Manhattan Beach, is the ultimate Malibu Rum account. Between its fun, laid-back vibe, the youthful ready-to-party clientele and Malibu-emblazoned surfboards and beach balls peppered throughout the divey-in-a-good-way bar, Shellback Tavern hits a home run on Malibu’s key talking point: fun. “It’s got that chill vibe, and that’s where Malibu thrives,” explains Malibu Brand manager Sheila Senhouse, who mentions the word fun a handful of times during our interview, which turns out to be a pretty good indicator of the iconic brand’s mentality. (read more)

Although Malibu Black is shaking things up for the brand, loyal consumers love the ever-expanding flavor options. “We are all about being young, fresh and fun,” says Murphy. cruzan
306141 Malibu, Black 12/1.0L $253.00/case $22.68/btl
306141 Malibu, Black 12/750mL $195.00/case $17.85/btl


Master Mixologist Patricia Richards mixes a Chopin Rye–based cocktail at Sinatra at Encore Las Vegas.

A Major Composition


“We’ve always been known as a potato vodka—that’s our identity,” says Dana Chandler, VP and General Manager of Chopin Vodka, the Polish-distilled brand named for that country’s most celebrated musical son. Potatoes are actually a rather rare raw material in vodka (contrary to popular myth, fewer than one percent of the world’s vodkas are made from spuds), so Chopin already has a head start on exclusivity. But now the brand is opening a whole new chapter—or perhaps “whole new musical movement” would be a better way of putting it—with the introduction of Chopin Rye.

The idea of single-ingredient vodkas might seem as obvious as single-varietal wines, but Chopin is the first brand to explore the possibilities. (read more)

306848 Chopin, Rye Vodka, Poland 6/1.0L $258.00/case $46.20/btl

The Ascension of an Aperitivo


The narrow, well-lit Bar Toscana could have turned out to be just an adjunct to its popular next-door eatery, Toscana. It could have served as a waiting area for the throngs of high-profile Westside VIPs who frequent or live in the tony Brentwood community of Los Angeles. Only so many politicians, celebrities, sports personalities and entertainment execs can fit into the corner Italian restaurant that has spanned almost two decades of more-than-decent business.

But Bar Toscana turned into something more: a fashion-forward Milan-inspired watering hole where William Perbellini, the young man armed with a black belt in mixology, has made a name for himself in Los Angeles. (read more)


Perbellini muddles red bell peppers and basil for the double-strained Speziato—a savory, mildly spicy Aperol drink that’s far better than any veggie juice we’ve ever had!

129137 Aperol, Aperitivo, Italy 6/750mL $114.00/case $22.20/btl


Bill Deutsch.

The Deutsch



Hey, Yankee, you ever seen anything like this?” a Southern man asks as his thick axe tears apart an Alabama moonshine still.

That Yankee was Bill Deutsch, founder of the country’s sixth largest wine company, W. J. Deutsch & Sons, a U.S. wine and spirits importer. Back in the early 1960s, the South was no place for a Yankee to be selling wine. But Deutsch knew the territory after a short stint in the Army and quickly made friends. One day, a “fella” from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board asked Deutsch if he’d like to witness the “breaking up of the still,” Deutsch recalls. “Now, so many years later, I’m getting involved with moonshine.” (read more)

302229 Original Moonshine, Corn Whiskey 6/750mL $193.00/case $35.37/btl

The House in the Woods


In 1964 Annamaria Clementi Zanella bought a small house on a wooded property located in Erbusco, about an hour east of Milan. The property was called Ca’del Bosc, “the house in the woods.” Three years later her son, Maurizio, planted a vineyard there.

Today Ca’del Bosco farms 375 acres of vines in Franciacorta, an appellation which was granted a D.O.C. in 1967. Its first wines, made in the mid-‘70s, were a generic white and a red, but in 1976 the winery began producing spumante wines. Two years later, when they were released, the world was surprised to discover that fine, classically-styled sparkling wines could be made in Lombardy. (read more)

It took seven years to complete the immense new Ca’ del Bosco cellar. cruzan
206300 Ca’ del Bosco, Brut, Cuvee Prestige, Franciacorta, Italy, N/V 6/750mL $238.99/case $43.03/btl
38440 Ca’ del Bosco, Maurizio Zanella, Franciacorta, Italy, 2001 6/750mL $486.00/case $84.20/btl

A Home on Red Mountain


From the beginning, the Col Solare project was about Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon: finding the right sites where the grapes best fit a style envisioned by Marchese Piero Antinori.

Thanks to the urging of wine industry legend André Tchelistcheff, Antinori ventured to eastern Washington in 1992 and recognized an Old World character in the vineyards of the Columbia Valley. “He found the profile he wanted in the Cabernet he tasted from the area,” says Marcus Notaro, Col Solare winemaker, “aromatics such as black currant and black cherry, with a palate that was rich, without being heavy. As long as the wine is ageable, has an intensity that, while not over-the-top acidic or edgy, is rich and bright and has a sense of authenticity wherein you can detect the region, he is satisfied. He found that here.” (read more)

Col Solare winemaker Marcus Notaro (center) pays a visit to Trattoria Oliva in Sherman Oaks, CA. He is flanked by General Manager Luigi deBella (right) and on his left, owner Giorgio Pierangeli, who also owns Pecorino in nearby Brentwood. cruzan
189296 Col Solare, Columbia Valley, 2006 6/750mL $361.86/case $63.51/btl
189296 Col Solare, Shining Hill, Columbia Valley, 2006 12/750mL $325.00/case $28.68/btl

Tuscan Icon Ruffino Zooms into Prosecco

Ruffino, long considered a powerhouse of Tuscan wine production with seven properties in the region, including estates in Chianti Classico, Montepulciano and Montalcino, is looking north to the Veneto for its next project, a D.O.C. Prosecco. This new endeavor is made from 100% Glera grapes sourced from select hillside plots in and around the Valdobbiadene region, one of Italy’s premier areas for Prosecco production, and is now in release nationally at $14.99 SRP.

While not Ruffino’s first northern Italian venture (they also own an eighth property, Borgo Conventi in Friuli’s Collio area), it is their first-ever sparkling wine, and another realization of the Ruffino philosophy of embracing tradition while looking to the future—that view to the future, in this case, admittedly fueled by the huge increases in production and market share of Prosecco over the last year due to its relatively low price point and growing acceptance by Millennials, one of Ruffino’s main target audiences. (read more)

cruzan David Rocco, Host of La Dolce Vita on The Cooking Channel; Kelly Bensimon of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, and Alicia Laury, Constellation Brands U.S.
305805 Ruffino, Prosecco 12/750mL $133.00/case $12.68/btl

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The Caipirinha

In what will be a monthly segment, Southern Wine & Spirits – Nevada – Master Mixologist Armando Rosario will be demonstrating how to make classic cocktails and new concoctions alike. Last month it was the Ciroc Coconut Vodka cocktail created for Steve Wynn’s wedding and this month it is The Caipirinha, the National drink of Brazil. Enjoy!

Chardonnay Day 2011 tweetup at Double Helix Wine

The Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Bar in the Shoppes at the Palazzo is celebrating #Chardonnay Day, the Social Media phenomenon, with 5 unique Chardonnays along with their own Signature Label.

These 5 are listed here with Winemaker Notes from each vineyard. For $5 for the keepsake Double Helix wine glass you can enjoy these Chardonnays from 6pm to 8pm this evening. We just ask that you log on to your favorite social media website; twitter, facebook, myspace, wordpress and share with the World the awesomeness of the Chardonnay grape! Cheers! See you here.

2009 Antica Chardonnay

The Antica Napa Valley 2009 Chardonnay is pure, fresh, and complex. Aromas of crushed stone fruit are interwoven with flavors of pear, apple, white peach, and a signature terroir-driven minerality. Hazelnut and vanilla add layers of intensity and intrigue.

@AnticaWine on Twitter on Facebook

2009 Donnafugata Anthilia

According to the winemaker’s notes on

Anthìlia remains the Donnafugata classic in the 2009 vintage as well. Made mostly from Catarratto and Ansonica, the blend is completed with other perfectly ripe grapes thanks to a very seasonable and favorable year. Fruity, with hints of citrus and peach, and floral notes giving extra complexity, on the palate the 2009 Anthìlia has sapidity and is therefore extremely enjoyable. Delicate and versatile in pairings, especially with seafood. A wine that’s never too simple.

2009 Morning Fog Chardonnay

According to the Wine notes on

Enjoy aromas and flavors of green apple and tropical fruits, balanced by subtle oak, cinnamon and vanilla from barrel aging. With a mouth-filling body and balanced acidity, this wine delivers a medium-long, refreshing finish.

Did you know that Wente Vineyards was the first California winery to produce a varietally labeled #Chardonnay back in 1936?

@Wente on Twitter on facebook

2009 Layer Cake Wine Virgin Chardonnay

According to the Winemaker Notes on

Our Virgin Chardonnay is so named because it never comes in contact with any oak. Our fellow wine lovers have expressed our shared interest in getting back to what Chardonnay used to be: Clean, crisp, layered, refreshing fruit, a hint of summer, with none of the overbearing heaviness of oak. If the taste of buttered popcorn is what you crave, you’d do better finding it at the movies than in a bottle of wine.

@LayerCakeWine on twitter on facebook

2007 Simi Russian River Valley Chardonnay

According to the Winemaker Notes on

Chardonnay is brilliant golden-straw in color with intriguing notes of
spiced apple and rum raisin on the nose. This wine has pleasant weight on the palate
and delivers an intricate balance of tropical fruit flavors and distinctive mineral notes,
reflecting the diverse selection of fruit within the Russian River Valley. The rich
acidity of this Chardonnay lends itself to pairings with Mushroom Risotto, Crab
Cakes, Roast Chicken, and Bouillabaisse.

@SimiWinery on twitter

And here on facebook!

UPDATE: The Chardonnay Day tweetup was a success! The group of 20 or so were passionate about great Chardonnay and good company. There was a convert who admitted to not particularly liking Chardonnay but could not find one wine among the six that she did not love and said her opinion of the grape was forever changed. Tweeps particularly loved the Double Helix Private Label with @DaynaDelux posing as only she can.

The spread of cheeses and crackers complimented the wines well. Double Helix paired the cheeses using iFromage. Big thanks to Ray Nisi and Stephanie LaBorde of Double Helix for organizing and hosting the event. Also thanks go to Dennis Medina of @MedinaWineGroup and @Wente Vineyards for providing the prizes of t-shirts, corkscrews and wine totes. All the winners left extremely happy!

This is just the first of many events like these so stay tuned! Cheers!

Liquid Trends May 2011

lt cov

lt A Napa Valley Classic

Jean-charles Boisset is Bullish About the Future of Raymond Vineyards

lt In Good Spirits

The Anchor Distilling Company Spirits Showcase Wows Los Angeles and San Francisco

lt Carnival of the Cocktail

The 42below 2011 Cocktail World Cup

lt Red Letter Night
Special Edition (Belvedere)red Aligns the Stars for a Cause

lt Clean Sweep
Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueurs Usher iIn a Refreshing Change In Cocktails

ltFlower Powered

The Four Roses Single Barrel Program Allows Key Accounts a Private Selection

A Napa Valley Classic


In February of 2009, after two and a half years of negotiation, Jean-Charles Boisset, the colorful President of Boisset Family Estates, was able to add Raymond Vineyards to his international portfolio, already bulging with recent purchases of DeLoach Vineyards in Russian River Valley, Lyeth Estate in Alexander Valley and Les Clos Jordanne in Canada’s Niagara appellation (in partnership with Canadian giant Vincor). Boisset’s North American acquisitions added to long-standing family holdings Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhône Valley and the South of France. (read more)

cruzanJean-Charles Boisset on his Napa property.
303542 Raymond, Sauvignon Blanc, Reserve 2009 12/750mL $128.00/case $12.27/btl
291283 Raymond, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sommelier Selection 2007 12/750mL $154.00/case $14.43/btl
305198 Raymond, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve 2008 12/750mL $288.00/case $25.60/btl
307654 Raymond, Cabernet Sauvignon, Generations 2006 12/750mL $335.00/case $55.83/btl


From top: Regional Sales Manager Maurice Chevalier IV explains Luxardo and other liqueurs in the Anchor Distilling portfolio. Brand Ambassador Alistair Walker shows off the color of the BenRiach 1995. Maurin Quina is a tart cherry and quinine fortified wine created in 1884. Ali Tahsini of Future Bars mixes a cocktail in San Francisco.


In Good Spirits


Los Angeles–We can’t remember ever seeing a more enthusiastic crowd at a trade tasting in often blasé L.A. than for a recent tasting of the Anchor Distilling Company’s spirits portfolio, which incorporates the Preiss Imports catalog with offering from San Francisco’s Anchor and London’s Berry Bros. & Rudd. The upstairs room at the Roosevelt Hollywood was packed with SoCal’s hippest mixologists (the ones with the tattoos), beverage directors (the ones in suits) and a hearty scotch-seeking contingent from The St. Andrew’s Society (the ones in kilts).

We eschewed cocktails and went straight for the spirits served neat in thimble-sized plastic cups. (read more)

126794 Benriach, Single Malt, 16 Year 6/750Ml $400.00/case $69.87/btl
163204 Duncan Taylor, Caol Ila, Cask 2734, 26 Year 1982 6/750Ml $870.00/case $148.20/btl
19024 Chinaco, Anejo, Tequila 6/750Ml $251.60/case $45.13/btl
264174 Chateau du Breuil, Calvados 6/750Ml $240.00/case $43.20/btl
17257 Luxardo, Maraschino Liqueur 12/750Ml $250.60/case $22.48/btl

Carnival of the Cocktail


In March, 21 bartenders from around the world descended on Queenstown, New Zealand for the seventh annual 42Below Cocktail World Cup, this year themed “Carnival of the Cocktail.” After a round of national competitions, three bartenders from each country were selected to create the seven competing squads: Teams Italy, London, Scotland, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. During the five days of competition, teams competed in a variety of challenges that pushed them to the limit. (read more)

cruzan   Team Italy—(left to right) Daniele Dalla Pola, Alexander Frezza and Luca Sai—celebrate the title and trophy for their winning cocktail, Elisir d’Amore.
295261 42 Below, Vodka 12/750mL $216.00/case $19.60/btl
104561 42 Below, Manuka Honey 12/750mL $216.00/case $19.60/btl

Red Letter Night


Considering the revenue generated by the non-stop vodka category, it’s nice to know that some brands are giving back. In the spirit of social awareness, Belvedere has announced a partnership with charity branding organization (RED) and the launch of a Special Edition (BELVEDERE)RED to raise proceeds for the Global Fund, the world’s leading financer of programs to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition, available beginning in September, will contain the same Belvedere vodka as the brand’s regular packaging, while 50 percent of profits from its sales will be contributed to the cause.(read more)



Multi-platinum recording artist Usher performs at the (BELVEDERE)RED launch party at Hollywood’s legendary Avalon.

123867 Belvedere, Rye Vodka, Poland 6/750mL $174.00/case $32.20/btl

Clean Sweep


Clean is David Racicot’s favorite word when describing his Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueurs. “Clean ingredients like this are very easy and confident tools for a mixologist to use without cluttering a cocktail with emulsifiers and heavy additives,” says Racicot. “Think about a fine food experience. You want to enjoy each ingredient. You want to enjoy your next bite without your last bite being there.”

Racicot founded Thatcher’s Organic three years ago after leaving Skyy Vodka, where he was Vice President of Marketing. He spent the first year sourcing the organic ingredients for his liqueurs. The next year was spent on production and perfecting the recipes. And this year, he is spreading the word about his USDA-certified organic liqueurs. (read more)

115299 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Yumberry 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
150713 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Blood Orange 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
150714 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Coffeehouse 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
277221 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Cucumber 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
277222 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Dark Chocolate 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
277223 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Pomegranate 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
277224 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Blueberry 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl
295644 Thatcher’s, Organic Liqueur, Apple Spice Ginger 6/750mL $91.00/case $18.37/btl


Master Distiller Jim Rutledge noses a sample from the Four Roses Single Barrel program.


Flower Powered


Surrounded by barrels of his bourbon, a stoic Jim Rutledge tilts his snifter, eyeing the Four Roses Single Barrel sample’s rich russet color. Not a thing can break the Master Distiller’s concentration. He brings it to his nose, letting in the notes of apple, nutmeg, ripe pear and rose petals.

Rutledge’s face erupts with pleasure. “That’s nice,” he says. “Real nice.”
He sips. Before he can comment on its caramel finish, a fella says, “Hey, Jim, when we gonna get to try?”
Chuckles are heard throughout this special tasting room in Lawrenceburg, KY, filled with restaurant owners and retailers. They’re here to taste Four Roses’ ten different recipes—and buy their own barrel. (read more)

179489 Four Roses, Bourbon, Yellow Label 12/750mL $194.00/case $17.77/btl
146367 Four Roses, Small Batch Bourbon 6/750mL $155.00/case $29.03/btl
170580 Four Roses, Single Barrel Bourbon 6/750mL $198.00/case $36.20/btl
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Chopin Appletini Luxury – Drink of the Month

For the first monthly installment of a new feature we call the Drink of the Month, we bring you the Chopin Appletini Luxury by our Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada Director of Mixology and Resident Mad Scientist Armando Rosario.

Armando has taken the tried and true Apple Martini and says he “kicked it up a notch in terms of Luxury.” This Chopin apple-tini does this by substituting your average vodka for Chopin‘s brand new Rye Vodka.

Chopin Appletini Luxury

1 ½ oz Chopin Rye Vodka

¾ oz Sour Apple Liqueur

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1 oz simple syrup

2 – 1” cubes fresh apple

Method:  Muddle apple with lemon juice; add remaining ingredients, shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with apple slices.

Enjoy! Cheers!

Miller’s Alehouse PreCinco Party – 1 more week!

Last night I popped in to Miller’s Alehouse at Town Square to see how the Pre-Cinco party was going. The place was PACKED but that’s not uncommon. With TV’s on every wall and the NBA Playoffs and Hockey and Baseball on people were staring at one TV or another. The really talented ones were watching 2 TV’s at the same time.

But that’s not what we were there for! We were there for the Corona beers, t-shirts and keychains! As advertised the buckets were $15 and you could get a mix of Corona, Corona Light, Modelo and Negra Modelo. The $5.95 Patron Margarita’s are an everyday special and was refreshing after a long day of work. Another great discovery on the drink menu were the SKYY Doubles for $5! That’s right! Have you heard of any bar or restaurant right off of Las Vegas Boulevard with double shots of SKYY for $5? Me neither and if you do let me know!

The Corona girls were busy handing out t-shirts, hats, keychains and necklaces getting everyone pumped for Cinco de Mayo next week Thursday. What are your plans for May 5th? Know of anything going on worth noting let us know!

The Patron Margarita and Corona Light a match made in cielo!

Glenmorangie 18 and Finealta Tasting


Join David Blackmore to taste and discuss this lively spirit!

If you’re a Scotch lover you won’t want to miss David Blackmore – Global Ambassador for Glenmorangie & Ardbeg, who will be at Casa Fuente on Wednesday April 27th. Mr. Blackmore will be at the store located in the Forum Shops at Caesars from 6pm to 9pm sampling Glenmorangie 18 & Finealta for the members of the Casa Fuente Spirits Society. For a nominal membership fee of $50, Casa Fuente Spirits Society members get to enjoy privileges such as:

  • Special Casa Fuente Discounts, including a 15% discount on premium spirits and The Black List. featuring  the “rarest of the rare” in vintage and sought-after spirits.
  • Society Secrets, a newsletter highlighting the latest on spirits, people and Casa Fuente
  • Invitations to member-only-events such as this one!

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