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The Jameson Dinner at Stack


Last night Kate Flanagan, Jameson Brand Ambassador, hosted a pairing dinner just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Just one look at the special menu above will tell that it was an event not to be missed!

Here Kate visits with Danielle Deremo, Social Media Manager of @TheMirageLV.






Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style at M Resorts Mega Party!

Join Jameson Brand Ambassador at Stack TONIGHT

Whisk(e)y Wednesday at Andre’s 3/7 is featuring Jameson Irish Whiskey


Whiskey fans and aficionados can be found at Andre’s at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

On March 7, the luck o’ the Irish will be evident as Andre’s showcases Jameson Irish Whiskey. Jameson is a single distillery Irish whiskey that combines malted barley with unmalted or “green” barley.

Join the Nevada Brand Ambassador for Jameson Miss Kate Flanagan.

RSVP on Andre’s event post on facebook here.

For an unlimited tasting for two hours, the price per person is $25 in advance or $35 at the door. (702) 798-7151


Whiskey Wednesday

Whiskey Wednesday is a monthly event held in the Cigar Lounge at André’s at the Monte Carlo Resort. If you haven’t done so, please LIKE André’s Facebook page here and the Monte Carlo’s here.

You can also follow them both on twitter at @AndresLasVegas and @MonteCarloVegas respectively.

Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks. The reason we are all here in the FIRST PLACE – the WHISKEY!!

Highland Park– Presented by: John Dupont “Ambassador for Edrington Group

It speaks volumes about Highland Park that a renowned whisky expert once famously wrote that “if single-malt Scotch whiskies were movies, Highland Park would be Gone with the Wind.” Voted one of the 20th Century’s best-loved movies, Gone with the Wind continues to delight 60 years after its release. The same can be said of Highland Park single malt. Once tried, many converts remain devotees for life. Highland Park is now one of the top 10 best selling single malts in the world.

LIKE them on facebook and follow them on twitter at @BestSpirit.

Talisker, Lagavulin & Caol Ila – Presented by Thomas Turner “Ambassador of Whiskey for DIAGEO


Deep and stormy like the ocean crashing over the rocky shores of its island distillery, Talisker is the only Single Malt Scotch Whisky rugged enough to call the Isle of Skye its home.

Find out what Mark Lochhead, Talisker Distillery Manager says about creating “one of the World’s best Single Malt Whiskies” here.

LIKE Talisker on facebook.

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